How Do You Calculate Your Horse?

My Dad refers to my horses as “Hay Burners”.  I have four and yes they do burn through hay daily, monthly and yearly.  He always is trying to get me to sell one or two, and I just remind him of his boat collection! His passion is Chris Craft wooden boats, mine is horses.

So the other day I came across a funny T-shirt , which I want to buy,image and it led me to see if I could come up with a way to calculate the true cost of  my horse ownership.   Since I have more than one, I have to be extra careful to stay on budget, buying in bulk as much as possible.   I am not much for reinventing the wheel, so I was able to find this tool on The Horse Channel website.  It is a horse calculator to assist  in the real cost of horses from The Horse Channel.  I thought I would share this with others who may be interested in getting into horses or if someone really wanted to know the exact amount they are spending during their equine journey.

Whatever amount you spend, if you love your horse there is no limit to what one would do to care for their partner.  Horses for me hold my secrets and my heart.  There is no other 1200# animal I would trust to ride into the mountains, on some iffy trails and sit next to while they are resting in the sun.  They often are my therapist, my gym or workout partner and my friends.  They are my passion and there is no better date than riding them along with my husband.

Below is an article I have already written “Horse Savings Account” that can show you ways I have been able to get my expenses down and set those funds aside to have an emergency account and ongoing budget for my horses.

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