Essential Items for Your Barn First Aid Kit


It never fails, with four horses I always have some sort of scrape, scratch or bite mark to attend to on at least one of them if not more.  I have a fully stocked first aid kit in my tack room for minor injuries, and the Vet’s number handy.  I also have a human first aid kit too!

Here is a great article  from and  a quick reference to compare your first aid kit in your barn.

“If you own a horse you know it’s not a question of if your horse will get injured or have a medical emergency, but rather when. As powerful and athletic as horses are, they are also surprisingly fragile. The best way to handle any emergency situation that may arise with your horse is to think like a scout and be prepared. A well-stocked barn medicine chest will let you immediately start treating your horse’s injury or illness, instead of running around the barn looking for items you need.”

I keep mine in a bright neon orange bag so it is easily recognized in the tack room or truck when we go traveling.

There are several sites that offer already prepared first aid kits if you don’t already have one or just want to have an extra fully equipped kit.


Stateline offers coupons for online orders.  Clink the link below if you are interested.


Smartpak offers a discount as well. see the attached link.


Equimedic offers discounts as well, but all of the offers expired in hours from searching for the.  If you choose to buy from this site, I recommend searching for the Equimedic coupon codes when you are ready to order.

These are just a few of the suppliers on the internet.  Who knows you may find a better deal at your local feed supply store.  The point being is be prepared for any minor emergency, you may be able to to avoid a farm call from your vet.